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The component of Global Smart Climate Strategy by DeepNoesa

A new level of carbon managers training

Investment in profitable production of CO2 based materials

Billions and decarbonization

During the organization of industrial decarbonization, enterprises face problems of return on investment and financing of such tasks as modernization of equipment, personnel training, organization of CO2 capture and conversion.

polaritonic chemistry, quantum mathematics, neuromorphic neural networks, smart raw materials

Neuromathematical innovations for quantum decarbonization

solves 3 main tasks

intellectual training of AI-specialists in quantum decarbonization and polaritonic chemistry

design of technological processes for the development of quantum materials from CO2

optimization of NP-hard calculations for equipment management and reduction of CO2 emissions

Your new knowledge

Training of engineers for quantum decarbonization

Solve tasks with new specialists to get an increase in the profitability of CO2 conversion from 55%

Conversion of CO2 into quantum and nanomaterials,
Optimization of production equipment

Neuroeducational technologies for
training carbon managers

We're using heart rate data for our neuropedagogy tasks without any neural interfaces. Learning can became faster in 4 times.

Individualized learning,
Rapid mastering of the material,
Personnel education and training

2D nanomaterials production management

State-of-art neural networks to develop new 2D nanomaterials faster in 100 times based on quantum computing technologies.

Carbon nanotubes,
Reduced graphene oxide,
Graphene oxide

Building an ecosystem of quantum
startups for industrial enterprises

Ecosystem of startups to effectively manage innovations and open more then 5 new highly profitable business areas.

Quantum materials,
Polaritonic computing,
and others

Polaritonic chemistry and quantum materials

Create and manipulate polaritons in nanomaterials - 30 times faster with polaritonic chemistry.

Spin Hall effect,
Rashba field

Quantum math

Harness the power of Riemann's non-commutative quantum geometry to solve the most important quantum computing challenges:

Classical XY-model,
Feynman integral calculation,
Ising model Hamiltonian calculation
and 30+ others

Innovative technologies for CO2 conversion

Use the potential of the latest CO2 conversion technologies to achieve energy efficiency >80%

Polaritonic chemistry,
Plasma technologies,
CVD technologies

Your royal profit with quantularis

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Take it to the next level

Investing in personnel & science - is an investment in the future of your business

Training of Deep Learning engineers in Quantum Decarbonization opens up opportunities for creating new innovative business lines.

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Smart Liquid Light

for your company

Q is for Quantum

Growth of the quantum materials market with SmartIE

Smart Neural Integral Equation (SmartIE) - is the world's first deep neural network that is a neural integral equation on Riemannian manifolds representing data using group theory and automatically designing an optimal integral equation model.

Innovative neural network Smart Neural Integral Equation - is the main intelligent core of our systems for managing the conversion of CO2 into quantum and 2D nanomaterials.

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New approach - based on neuropedagogical technologies

Deep Learning for Industrial Quantum Decarbonization

This course is designed for 1560 hours of study (over 2 years) and corresponds to the master's level. Get basic background for intellectual manufacturing execution systems management in 3 calendar months.

polaritonic chemistry, quantum mathematics, neuromorphic neural networks, smart raw materials